A Writer Afoot

My speciality on my college newspaper was writing personal essays or columns for the editorial page. They were rather popular, and turned out to be great training for the modern world of blogs.

Thanks to a computer-savvy son, I was on the Internet very early, starting with a writer community on GEnie, a DOS-based system that died in Y2K. Because of that early entry, I’ve been writing columns and blogs for a long time, mostly about my travels, the ordinary life of a writer, and more recently, my photo habit and my explorations in the world of food.  You can read all of these things at  A Writer Afoot, and if you are so inclined, you can receive it in your email box via RSS feed.   Join me!

I also write a monthly column on writing for Writer Unboxed, and have joined The Lipstick Chronicles for life, books, the things that make life interesting for a woman.